Spokane International Airport: A Multimodal Transport Hub with Available Land

  • Over 200 trucking companies delivering freight in the region
  • Goods can be transported via truck to Renton and Everett within a half-day’s drive
  • A 4,500’ rail extension providing Class 1 Rail to the heart of the airport industrial area
  • A future rail-truck transload facility will provide a multimodal option that facilitates the shipping and receiving of materials
  • Spokane International Airport provides nonstop service to 18 destinations served by 6 major airlines, including:
    • Multiple daily flights to Seattle
    • Single-stop connections to most major domestic and international locations
  • 500+ acres available for purchase/lease


The Spokane region is amply connected to the rest of the country and to the world via air, road, and rail. Furthermore, Spokane is a regional logistics center for Amazon and other companies. The Airport is a critical access point for logistics including air cargo, rail systems, and freight distribution east-west and north-south via Interstate 90 (I-90) and U.S. 395.

Beyond the U.S., there are over 100 single stop connecting opportunities to international destinations to 54 unique destinations in Asia, Australia and Oceania, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Central America, the Middle East, and South America.


Six airlines – Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Southwest and United – have scheduled commercial passenger service to Spokane International Airport. The passenger airlines provide nonstop service to 18 cities across the country, including multiple daily one-hour flights to Seattle. The Airport’s passenger service market area includes eastern Washington, northern Idaho, northwestern Montana and parts of southern British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. In 2022, the Airport handled over 3.9 million total passengers.

With regards to business aviation support, U.S. Customs operates a Federal Inspection Station for clearing international flights and Signature Flight Support provides Fixed Base Operator services. In addition, Aero Center Spokane has announced their intentions to build a Fixed Based Operator facility at the Airport in 2023. 

For more information on Spokane International Airport click here.

Air Cargo

The Airport also has daily scheduled all-cargo service provided by UPS & FedEx. Nearly 70,000 U.S. air cargo tons are handled annually, including a record 78,895 tons in 2022. This includes a significant amount of cargo activity between Spokane and surrounding small rural communities provided by Ameriflight and Empire Airlines on behalf of UPS and FedEx, respectively, as shown in this reference map.

In addition, in October 2021 Amazon Air commenced operations at their 31,000 square foot facility at the Airport. See the facility and its proximity to the Airport and the reconstructed Geiger Boulevard interchange over Interstate 90 in the video below.


Class I rail service is available via both Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Spokane is also the largest center for freight on the NAFTA corridor with both highway and rail connections between Canada and Mexico. Yardley, located 12 miles east of The Airport, is an active rail transload facility that facilitates the handling of freight for both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads. 


Spokane is on a NAFTA high priority highway corridor. Over 200 trucking companies operate in the Spokane region, providing significant east-west delivery options on Interstate 90 and U.S. Highway 2, and north-south on U.S. Highway 395. Goods can be transported point-to-point from Spokane to Seattle within half a day’s drive. The metro areas of San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Denver and other commercial centers are within a 16 hour (2-day) drive of Spokane.

Recent construction projects have enhanced the Airport area’s surface transportation capabilities. The two major Interstate 90 interchanges providing direct access to the area were completely reconstructed in 2021, facilitating the flow of freight truck traffic onto and off of the interstate. In addition, infrastructure improvements were made to Geiger Boulevard, an important freight truck traffic corridor that serves Amazon’s Fulfilment Center near the Airport. And next year, Spokane County plans to realign Craig Road, a north/south arterial, and remove two 90 degree turns to improve efficiency of freight truck traffic to and from the Rail-Truck Transload Facility.


Spokane is home to several regional logistics centers. Amazon operates two newly built facilities in the area, a 2.6MM SF Fulfillment Center adjacent to Spokane International Airport and a 1.3MM SF Fulfillment Center in Spokane Valley. Caterpillar operates a 1MM SF parts distribution facility and Jensen Distribution Services operates a 529,000 SF warehouse that serves 11 states and carries over 65,000 products. Both are located just south and west of the Airport. Additional warehouse facilities are being constructed within the Airport Area.

Transload Center

Approximately three miles west of the passenger terminal is the site of the Airport’s fully-funded Rail-Truck Transload Center that will connect to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and offer a one-day delivery time from the seaports in Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma. Construction on the Rail-Truck Transload Center was completed in Fall 2022. Click here for additional information on the Rail-Truck Transload Center.

See the construction progress on the Rail-Truck Transload Facility in the below video.


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